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This API is part of the CDP Program and is used to create a guest user session and returns a JWT token upon receiving a valid combination of a National Meter Identifier (NMI), retailer and post code.

The CDP Program seeks to offer Australian energy consumers with easy access to their energy consumption data, so they can readily choose, compare or switch their energy retail offer.

Getting Access

CDP APIs are currently only available to AER via Energy Made Easy and DELWP via Victorian Energy Compare.

During formal onboarding, you will first be given access to Pre-Production and must complete your development/testing there prior to getting access to Production.

External Docs

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Authentication Methods

This API is using the following Security Policies:


Below are the base URLs used for this API:


Base URL

Data Type

Pre-Production Internet Entry


Production Internet Entry

Live Data


Paths, Headers, Request Body and Responses can be found in the API Reference (OpenAPI Spec).