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About the API

The Capacity API is used by facility operators and trading participants to submit and receive data relating to capacity trades and day ahead auction for AEMO’s Capacity Transfer Platform (CTP) and Day-Ahead Auction (DAA) market systems.

Getting Access

To participate, Trading Participants must register as an auction participant by entering into an Auction Agreement with AEMO.

All registered auction participants can use the capacity auction.

Auction participants are predominantly:

  • Shippers (Trading Participants) registered to participate in the capacity auction.

  • Nominated Agent Participants appointed jointly (such as an unincorporated joint venture) or individually (such as under a corporate group). Appointing members are jointly and severally liable for the acts of the agent. AEMO manages the relationship between appointing and agent participants.

For registration information and application forms, see Register as an Auction Participant in the Capacity Auction

During formal onboarding, you will first be given access to Pre-Production and must complete your development/testing there prior to getting access to Production.

API Details

Authentication Methods

This API is using the following Security Policies:

Note: The TLS certificates used to access Pre-Production are different from those used to access Production.


Below are the base URLs used for this API:


Base URL

Data Type

Pre-Production Internet Entry

Test Data

Pre-Production MarketNet Entry

Test Data

Production Internet Entry

Live Data

Production MarketNet Entry

Live Data


Paths, Headers, Request Body and Responses can be found in the API Reference (OpenAPI Spec).