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About the API

The Submission API allows participants to submit data to the Gas Bulletin Board (GBB).

Data submission from BB reporting entities to the GBB are divided into two key areas:

  1. Data transfer formats which includes the form, validation rules, and timing of submissions.

  2. Data submission methods to the BB, and how the success and failure of those submissions is communicated back to the submitter.

For details on how to get access and business rules for this API, see the BB Submission Guide.

API status

Final, participants can use this specification to build their APIs.

Assumed knowledge

  • API and JSON or YAML basics

Getting Access

Registration is required to be a participant in the GBB. See GBB facility registration.


Before using the Submission API, you must:

  • Have a Participant ID. If your company is a Registered Participant, it is set up during the registration process.Have a Participant ID with an effective date of registration.

  • Have a user ID and password with access rights provided by your company's participant administrator. For details, see user rights access below.

  • Test your submission in the pre-production environment before submitting to production. AEMO encourages participants to use the pre-production environment to test procedures and train staff.

During formal onboarding, you will first be given access to Pre-Production and must complete your development/testing there prior to getting access to Production.

API Details


  • API connections use mTLS certificates to secure the transport layer with encrypted communication and secure interactions between participants’ and AEMO’s systems.

  • All communications between AEMO’s API gateway and participants’ gateways use HTTPS. AEMO APIs do not support HTTP.


All API requests are authorised by Basic HTTP authentication (Basic Auth) using a Base64-encoded username and password. The credentials are assigned by your company’s participant administrator.

When making an API request, include the Base64-encoded string in a HTTPS Authorization header.

User rights access

Participant administrators provide access to the Submission API using the GBB - Gas Bulletin Board entity.

For details about user rights access, creating new Participant Users and assigning rights, see the User RIghts Management help.


You can submit your API compressed or uncompressed. Compression protocols are gzip or deflate.


To control traffic, AEMO implements throttling on API endpoint requests. When requests exceed the throttling limit, a HTTP 429 or 422 response is returned.

Throttling level


Level 1

60 requests/min per X-initiatingParticipantID

Level 2

250 requests/min

Note: The TLS certificates used to access Pre-Production are different from those used to access Production.


Below are the base URLs used for this API:


Base URL

Data Type

Pre-Production Internet Entry{resourceName}

Test Data

Pre-Production MarketNet Entry{resourceName}

Test Data

Production Internet Entry{resourceName}

Live Data

Production MarketNet Entry{resourceName}

Live Data


Paths, Headers, Request Body and Responses can be found in the API Reference (OpenAPI Spec).