WEM Dispatch APIs Overview

1. Introduction

The WEM Dispatch APIs give access to the full range of data from the Wholesale Electricity Market Dispatch Engine (WEMDE), including:

  • Dispatch Case

  • Dispatch Instructions

  • Dispatch Summary

  • Dispatch Solution

  • Trading Day Report

  • Not In Service Capacity

  • Reference Trading Price

  • Demand Side Programmes

This data provided via API aligns with the publication obligations prescribed in Section 7.13: Settlement and Monitoring Data of the WEM Rules.

2. Data availability 

In the WEM, AEMO manages the dispatch process of Registered Facilities for energy and Essential System Services as described in clause 7.2.1 of the WEM Rules. AEMO produces Scenarios and Market Schedules which enable Market Participants to respond to Dispatch Instructions, make Facility commitment decisions and reconcile market outcomes.

Three Market Schedules exists:

1. Dispatch

2. Pre-Dispatch

3. Week-Ahead

Each Market Schedule has a unique horizon, set of Scenarios and interval granularity. The table and diagram below outline this information.

3. Alternative Data Sources

AEMO publishes downloadable data sets on the Market Data website. These data sets are publicly available and do not require user authentication.

4. Data Access and Authentication

Before accessing the WEM Dispatch APIs a user must: 

  •  Have an enabled user account created under a Registered Market Participant.

  • Have the correct roles and permissions assigned to the given user account.

  • Have a DigiCert TLS certificate created and installed for the user account.

5. Base URL