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Getting started

About the RTMS API

This API is part of the Real-time Market Submissions (RTMS) Project which developed a new submission mechanism and validations for both Energy and ESS bids and offers, including regulation raise/lower, contingency raise/lower, and rate of change of frequency (RoCoF). 

The submission information provided by the MPs is fed into the Dispatch Engine to determine the lowest overall cost dispatch to the market.  

The RTMS Project also delivered updated systems that validate MP submissions, as well as allowing MPs to run queries on their historic submission data. As part of this, the RTMS API allows MPs to submit and query RTM and DSP Submissions for all Market Services.   

The API Reference automatically takes the APIM endpoint not the F5 endpoint which is accessible for the participants. 

For support, contact: AEMO RTMS Team 

Navigating this reference 

This page contains overview information for the API. Read on for general details on how to use the API. 

The icons at the top of the page link to the following, more detailed information sources:  

  • The API Reference describes the paths, headers, request body and responses for each of the endpoints in the API. 

  • The Postman Collection contains examples of code that you can use in your testing. 

  • The Swagger File shows the latest version of the swagger file for the API. 

API status 

Ready. The design is ready for participants to use. 

Assumed knowledge 

API and JSON or YAML basics. 


Before you can use the RTMS API you must: 

  • Have a Participant ID and Facility Code. If your company is a Registered Participant, your ID is set up during the registration process. 

  • Have a DigiCert TLS certificate

For more information, see the Reformer page Accessing our test environments

External documents

The following documents will give you more detail on the API: 

Non-functional requirements 

The following provisional non-functional requirements (NFR) are relevant to the project. These will be revised in subsequent versions of this document following consultation with the MPs. 

Request/response payload required limits 

For all APIs, there is an enforced 10 MB max limit. 

Certificate-based throttling  

A single participant is restricted to accessing 50 calls every minute, with a total of 200 calls in five minutes.

API details

Authentication methods

The RTMS API uses the DigiCert TLS certificate authentication method.  

Base URLs

Below are the base URLs used for this API:



Coordinated Market Trial (RFM)