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About the API

The meter exemption APIs allow Registered Metering Co-Ordinator's (MCs) to create and manage metering exemptions within MSATS.

Before you can use the Meter Exemptions API you must:

  • Have a Participant ID with an effective date of registration. If your company is a Registered Participant, it is set up during the registration process.

  • Have a user ID and password with access rights provided by your company's participant administrator. For details, see user rights access below.

  • Understand the procedures governing the operation of the market relating to
    wholesale trading of electricity and the provision of ancillary services. For
    details, see the NER Chapter 3, Introduction to Market Rules.

  • Have an API gateway and a TLS certificate.

  • Test your submission in the pre-production environment before submitting to production. AEMO encourages participants to use the pre-production environment to test procedures and train staff.

  • Participant Users require access rights to create or view API or web meter exemptions

Getting Access

To use Meter Exemption APIs Participants must:

1.       Be a Registered Metering Co-Ordinator (RP) with a Participant ID.

2.       Have an MSATS user ID with the required Participant User Rights Management (URM) entities granted to it by a participant administrator.

3.       Register with AEMO to use APIs.

During formal onboarding, you will first be given access to Preproduction and must complete your development/testing there prior to getting access to Production.

External Docs

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API Details

Authentication Methods

This API is using the following Security Policies:

Note: The TLS certificates used to access Pre-Production are different from those used to access Production.

Base URLs

Below are the base URLs used for this API:


Base URL

Data Type


Test-Data (snapshot of production)

MarketNet Entry Pre-Production{resource}

Test-Data (snapshot of production)


Live Data

MarketNet Entry Production{resource}

Live Data


Paths, Headers, Request Body and Responses can be found in the API Reference (OpenAPI Spec).